What is Project Raindrop? 

Project Raindrop is a call to people across the country to realize how important & valuable their words & actions are… no matter how small. It follows a story of a woman named Mrs. Lee, a woman who made a small decision that impacted the eternities of people she never even met. This program speaks against the message that teaches kids that they must wait be ordained pastors, rock-star musicians, or international missionaries in order to start making a difference. Instead, it encourages them to do something right where they are, at this age, in their own way. There is no age limit to being effective in showing your world Christ.

What does it look like practically?

Project Raindrop includes a series of poems, lesson plans, scripture verses, sermons, and discussion questions to follow, along with a call to action, involving a large board (plywood, cardboard, etc.) and large amounts of blue post-it notes. (Sometimes establishments provide service opportunities during the event.) During the Project, the students will be asked to reflect on the little ways they can make a difference in their own world. Through the board of post-it notes they will contribute to, they will learn how they are a part of something bigger than themselves. The preachers on TV, our favorite worship bands, and people who feed the hungry overseas are part of the same movement we are—doing all we can, whatever we can. There is no raindrop too small, their is no life too young, old, or insignificant. All of our actions cause ripples, and contribute to the great ocean of the Kingdom of God.

Be a raindrop. 

The results of this Project are incredible. If your church, school, or organization chooses to participate, their experience, handouts, and photos will forever remind them of not only the impact we can make individually, but also the impact we can all make-- together, one small act at a time. We are not the ocean alone, but we can be raindrops, and the ripples of our waves can change the world.