Superadded Book - PRE-ORDER


Superadded Book - PRE-ORDER



Jesus came to give us a life of more.

In John 10:10, He says He came so that we would have life and “have it more abundantly…”

A life that is over the top.

A life that is exceedingly above and beyond.

A life that is superadded.

Why are so many of us settling for less?

God wants to add on so much more joy, peace, contentment, and freedom into our lives— more than we’ve ever imagined possible.

Through these super short chapters and super practical applications, Hosanna shares scriptures and stories about a super-adding God and the life He has or us— the life Jesus came to give us. Through Superadded, you will quickly discover that a life with Jesus is not a life of subtraction, but rather a life of addition— a life abundant, no less.

No more settling. Let’s live a superadded life.

This is a pre-order! Pre-orders will be shipped out the first week of April! ($15 price goes up April 5th!) Join Hosanna on Facebook Live each Thursday as she goes through the book's major themes! And don't forget to subscribe to the mailing list for important updates!

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