Forget the old names. Answer to a new confidence, a new purpose, and a new name.

Hosanna's newest piece, "I Have a New Name" is an anthem declaring the names God gives us in His Word, and the choice we have to answer to them. (Single, April 2017)


An album of spoken word POETRY, worship music, and stories of how Truth sets free.

Stories of freedom. 13 tracks on being free from masks, shame, and lies. Starting in the Garden, where we heard our first lie and covered ourselves in fig leaves, & ending in the Resurrection, where Jesus covered us with something even better. (Album, November 2015)

A collection of spoken word poetry, hip hop, storytelling, and parables of amazing love.

Hosanna's debut album. 15 stories of brokenness being healed, doors being open, & an unrelenting, never-quitting Love that restores over & over again. (Album, June 2013)