Hosanna is a writer, sPEAKER, & spoken word artist, sharing stories of how Truth sets free to various ages, cultures, and people groups around the U.S. & beyond.

Hosanna Wong has been a touring artist & traveling speaker since 2010, writing and sharing spoken word poetry with multiple organizations worldwide, commonly touring with her own produced albums and live experiences, and frequently teaching & speaking at conferences and events.

Through short stories, performance poetry, and interactive teachings, sermons, and curriculums, she shares complex Gospel truths through simple, captivating narratives in churches, conferences, camps, retreats, prisons, recovery ministries, and other venues.


Under the name Hosanna Poetry, Hosanna has released two spoken word and worship albums, Maps, Boots, & Other Ways We Get There (2013) and Figless (2015), pairing it with the Figless Words & Poetry Devotional, and is the creator of the nationally-used evangelistic curriculum, Project Raindrop. More recently, she released the single, "I Have a New Name," in April of 2017, and her debut full-length book of the same title released in July 2017. (Read the first free chapter for free, and order your copy here) Her new book, Superadded releases April 2018 (Pre-order here).

Many of her stories, tracks, and teachings are rooted in her upbringing on the streets of San Francisco, her first-hand experiences with loss, hope, and redemption, and her innermost desires to see lives healed and restored through the Truth of the Gospel, as well as for the equipping of the Church at large to effectively share this Truth and mirror this Love to their own communities.


Known in her early years as a traveling, nomadic, missionary artist living out of a suitcase, Hosanna found home in corners all over the world, & community in the global family of God. Her experiences and stories on the streets and on the road convicted, challenged, and equipped her ministry in resourcing the local & global Church.

Currently, Hosanna speaks and performs at events all over the nation year-round. When not on the road, she can be found writing, recording, and producing with her team, and serving with various local churches and ministries alongside her husband, Guy, a Worship Pastor in their home of Los Angeles, CA.


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